Remember these five things before you build a fence


It is vital to arrange your fence with care as a result of you may must stand it for an extended time, says Wally Montpetit, the owner of Fence-All. With forty two years of fence-building expertise behind him, Montpetit offers these 5 things to recollect before golf stroke up your fence.

Know why you’re building a fence

No 2 fences are created equally, and your reasons for construction one can go an extended thanks to determinative the kind you set up and also the materials you employ. If all you wish is to stay individuals from cutting across your field, perhaps you simply would like some short posts and a few chain. If you wish privacy, then you’ll desire a taller fence made of wood or PVC.

When I check with individuals, I provide them solutions that solve their issues, and plenty of times they are saying ‘I ne’er thought of that,’ ” same Montpetit.

Choose your materials fastidiously

The most common sorts of fence materials are wood, PVC, chain link and iron. Wood needs the foremost maintenance whereas PVC and metal fences need the smallest amount.

People like wood as a result of they suppose it’s cheaper — that it’s not — or they suppose that PVC appearance too fashionable. perhaps it’s as a result of we tend to all grew up knowing what a wood fence appeared like,” same Montpetit. “PVC equals ‘no maintenance’ and wood equals ‘lots of maintenance.’ once you get into painting or staining, you’ll must continue that system forever.”
Your reasons for construction a fence can go an extended thanks to determinative the kind you set up and also the materials you employ, per Fence-All owner Wally Montpetit. SUPPLIED

Plan your access points

If you’re building a fence around your yard, take into account what percentage gates you’ll would like, however huge they must be and wherever they must be placed. the foremost common location is on the garage aspect so as to facilitate moving things from your house to your yard.

People usually make in their mind what they have,” same Montpetit. “The commonest question we tend to get is regarding the dimensions of the gates. They’re typically three-feet wide, which could sound little, however it’s the identical because the exterior door of your house.”

Consider however tall your fence ought to be

If individuals can’t see into your yard, then you can’t see out. If you wish to preserve the read, give some thought to a shorter fence or one that you simply will see through.

Some individuals are on a stream or a course, and that they need to work out what’s out there, whereas the majority need privacy,” same Montpetit. “That can have an effect on the kind of fence you set up and the way high it’s. for instance, on a front field, you most likely don’t would like privacy. you only would like containment.”

Choose a method that enhances your house

No matter what quite fence you build, it marks your property to passersby, thus choose a method that matches the color and ornamental parts of your house so as to gift an even look.

When you drive by the governor general’s residence here in Ottawa, you recognize wherever her property is due to the fence, and it’s the identical together with your house,” same Montpetit. “With the proper fence, you’ll be able to build a press release so all of your neighbours recognize that’s your property.”

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